“Listen to your gut”


“Listen to your gut”. A life hack for intuition or how to activate your gut feeling. For example, you need to make a decision. Place an empty plate in front of you. Take a knife and fork. Imagine that the problem you’re facing is on the plate and you’re eating it.

Cut it into pieces, bring it to your mouth, chew carefully, and listen to your feelings and responses: is it easy to chew? Is it easy to swallow? What kind of sensation arises in your stomach? Just half a minute is enough. Put down your utensils, and lean back in your chair. What aftertaste do you feel? Sniff! What is the smell? Do you like it?

This method helps to identify and realize hidden fears and doubts produced by your amygdala (the life hack is taken from the personal experience of an investor who refuses a seemingly rational and profitable deal that didn’t pass the edibility test).

I would like to remind you again that intuition works in social and professional areas (where you are not a specialist and don’t have sufficient experience and exposure, intuition won’t work because your brain isn’t trained).